By next generation design standards, MarineStream® is a superior, reliable, economical, remote-field communication system.

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WatchTower© is a propriety software suite designed to provide active safety zone management, digitally twinned real-time surface & sub-surface vessel monitoring and personnel tracking for remote field supervision.

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Reliable Remote Field Communication + Continuous Monitoring = Control Over the Risks

Multiple Surface & Sub-Surface Real-Time Vessel Tracking System

If Offshore Renewables Industry Operations Managers are to make the correct decisions, then they are reliant upon having access to real-time remote-field data in order to accurately evaluate the ever-evolving present status.

Remote real-time data layered within an IHO-ECDIS/Dynamic Digitally twinned user-interface for maximum oversee and supervision.

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December 2020

Force55 have been successful in installing and operating MarineSteam® RF-Mesh on a sector of the Humber Gateway OREI.

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February 2021

Unasys have selected Force55 Ltd to assist in the TIGGOR program that seeks to accelerate innovative technology concepts in key areas of operations and maintenance for offshore wind, including remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), digital twins, cable arrays and sensors.

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April 2021

The F55 PTS Fob in-field testing has confirmed that the PTS design holds some redundancy in the coverage provision with a range of 1.3km maintained.

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March 2023

Force55 Ltd have agreed the installation of systems and pull-through testing within the OREC (Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) remote-field test-site zone, some 7.2km East of Blyth.

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