Modular Services


‘By next-generation design standards, a superior, reliable, economical, remote field communication system’

Overall System Benefits

  • Increased bandwidth capability: (default mesh network 2.4GHz/5GHz-6Mbps)
  • Economical VOIP comm′s and data transfer
  • Security protocols and encrypted data transfer
  • 3G & 4G data offload
  • Stable and reliable communication platform within a harsh offshore environment
  • Multiple device and multiple network applications
  • Centralised, onshore control of remote network
  • Intelligent and continuous analysis and monitoring of network status
  • Cloud based dashboard for remote oversee and configuration
  • Modular interconnectivity to other Force55 systems such a Watchtower©, F55-VTS & F55 PTS devices
  • Superior communication platform for improved QHSE application

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‘‘Watchtower is a propriety software suite designed to provide active safety zone management, digitally-twinned real-time surface & sub-surface vessel monitoring and personnel tracking for remote field supervision’.

Overall System Benefits

  • Active Safety Zone Management (Energy Act 2004)
  • Multiple Vessel Monitoring (VMS)
  • Surface & Sub-surface vessel coverage, within 2-D & 3-D environments
  • Integration of AIS data &IHO ECDIS Navigational Chart data
  • Real-time and Continuous Positional Monitoring of Offshore Personnel
  • Real-Time & Historical Data Analysis
  • HSE Event Replay Functionality
  • Marine Legislation Compliance (IHO & IMCA)
  • Safety of Life at Sea
  • Marine Resource Planning & Efficiency
  • Real-time Environmental & Systems Monitoring



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‘Compact unit able to relay real-time vessel position and vessel status data’

Overall System Benefits

  • GNSS Aided Inertial Navigation System with 2.4GHz & 5.0GHz WiFi Transmission,
  • Position & Attitude (heading, pitch roll, heave) output – (IMCA Format)
  • Compact for easy-install and use on small CTV vessels
  • Dual GNSS compassing for accurate heading
  • Extended range – 1km
  • Additional WiFi & Ethernet outputs

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‘Mobile fob able to relay real-time personnel position and RR446 status data’.

Overall System Benefits

  • IP67 Waterproof, Rugged Casing
  • Transmits GNSS positions over 2.4GHz & 5.0GHz WiFi – (IMCA Format)
  • Extended range – 1km
  • Intelligent power saving sleep-modes when no GNSS reception or Wifi coverage.
  • Simple operation, interactive status menu.
  • Db link to relevant attributes for instant Field Coordinator access
  • Relay data from Bluetooth devices such as Heart-Rate Monitors for RR446 Risk Potential Indexing.

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The provision of a consultancy service in relation to advice and guidance on the development and application of additional facilities

Overall System Benefits

  • Real-Time Mobile Environmental Monitoring
  • Real-Time Safe Lift Parameters & Personnel Transfer Monitoring
  • Remote field CCTV coverage
  • Medical Field Assistance Coverage
  • SAR Capabilities (MOB & EPIRB integration)
  • Field Awareness of Third-Party Vessels without AIS requirement
  • Seabed Mobility & Scouring Monitoring
  • Real-time & Historical Data Analysis
  • Business & Efficiency Drive Resource Management Tools
  • QHSE Procedures and systems application

Force55 Ltd are aware that increasing amounts of real-time remote data will have to be managed as the renewable industry sites evolve into ever larger systems. It does not take too much to recognize that the application of ‘Automated Decision Making Tools’ can be applied, to ensure optimum efficiency and safety drive parameters are upheld.

Business Modelling Associates (BMA) is a leading UK based business analytics firm. They design solutions that help clients systemically and holistically model their end-to-end operations and their operating context. They specialise in asset intensive organisations, providing optimistion solutions which cover strategic, tactical and operational decision processes. From strategic capital investments to the development of effective maintenance plans through to the efficient day-to-day deployment and management of resources, maximising asset availability, improving performance and minimising risk.

Their complimentary platform is cloud hosted, sector agnostic and easily configured to client needs. It enables their clients to analyse complex what-if scenarios and explore how potential changes in operating context affect service, costs, investor returns, sustainability, de-carbonisation and risk, providing a tailored solution which returns rapid value.

Their Advanced Digital Business Twin (ADBT) solutions provide accurate digital representations of real-world asset systems. Within an increasingly dynamic business context, they provide organisations with the tools and capability needed to respond to volatility, manage uncertainty, embrace complexity and navigate ambiguity.

  • ADBTs enable better systemic decisions by fully representing:
    • The system context
    • The system capacity, connectivity and product flow
    • The system evolution
  • True systemic optimisation which:
    • Enables rapid multiple scenario and sensitivity analysis
    • Exposes Blind Spots and highlights Unknown Potential
    • Creates rapid and sustainable value for the Client
  • A well-defined methodology which enables:
    • Effective data utilisation
    • Rapid solution configuration and deployment
    • Client capability not supplier dependence